Featured Projects 2016

Plashet School


A celebration of Baroque


Inspired by the baroque era this installation, celebrates the opulence of the period. The popularity and success of the Baroque style was encouraged by the Catholic Church, in response to the protestant reformation and a belief that art should represent religious themes.  Over time, these narratives with their heightened sense of drama, exaggerated forms, vibrant colour and grand gestures influenced all aspects of art, from architecture, to fashion, to jewellery, interiors and music. This installation created by years 7, 8, 9 and year 11 students from Plashet School, celebrates the beauty and opulence of the time and looks at how the baroque era has influenced contemporary style. From re-interpreting the Dutch still life floral paintings and embellished wall coverings to architectural mouldings, students have worked collaboratively across a range of disciplines, which include sculpture, painting and print. While Year 11 GCSE students were inspired by a visit to the Wallace collection, leading to a range of individual responses for their exam work, Year 9 students had lots of fun creating sculptural wigs. Constructed from paper, they used baroque fashion as a starting point, but were equally interested in how the ideology of excess and vanity could be perceived within contemporary fashion. Ornate architectural mouldings and baroque motifs were the inspiration for the low relief sculptures and the wallpaper prints. Students developed the skill of creating flowing lines and curves, a typical characteristic of the baroque movement. The word baroque meaning ‘pearl like shape’ was the inspiration for investigating jewellery through the baroque period. These highly ornate jewels were recreated by year 8’s to form part of the hanging embellishments on the chandelier.

Southern Road Primary


In Southern Road the Year 4 pupils carried out an independent Art project to turn old school chairs into an Art installation.  They got themselves into teams, chose a theme and decided how they were going to transform the worn out chairs.  The project took a few weeks:  the pupils learnt team work skills, listing resources and the challenge of working in 3D.  The project was a great success, with the chairs looking great and the children loving the project